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Reginald Arnold
Reginald Arnold (AUS)
Reginald Arnold in der Steilkurve auf der Berliner Bahn am Funkturm
Reginald at full speed on ther Berlin track "am Funkturm"
Arnold mit Walter Rütt
Young Arnold with former German Champion Walter Ruett, who is obviously smoking "a little cigartette" in Arnold's cabin.

Reginald Arnold  (AUS) 

Reginald Arnold was a professional Six Day Cyclist from 1946-1963. After their initial victory in New York in 1949, Arnold – Strom confirmed their reputation by winning the Berlin Sixes of March and December 1950. The Berlin SechsTageRennen was highly valued by all the competitors. At 3600 km it was the longest and hardest race on the Six Day calendar. The sprints were never ending but the prizes were fabulous - 1300 lap prizes, 400 sprint primes and a total of 25000 Deutchmarks in March 1950. The German spectators were always rowdy, noisy, enthusiastic, and the most knowledgable fans in Europe. The Funkturm (Radio Tower) track was short at 11 laps to the mile and the steepest in Europe. It was also the most dangerous, Reg witnessed the death of 3 riders on its boards. Reg spent 1800 hours on the Funkturm battling riders like Gustaf Kilian, Hans & Ludwig Hormann, Lothar Ehmer & Karl Weimer, Harry Saager & Gerhard Schultz, Heinz Zoll &Willy Funda, Rudi Mirke & Hans Preiskeit, Werner Bunzel & Jean Schorn Jr, , Klaus Bugdahl & Hans Junkermann, Rudi Altig and many other German champions. In a career totalling 103 Sixes and 16 victories, the two successes at Berlin hold special memories for the Australian.

Source: Text and photo Marcus Arnold)

Reginald Arnold: Six Day Victories:
30 Oct-4 Nov 1949 NEW YORK1 with Alf STROM
3-9 March 1950 BERLIN  with STROM
1-7 Dec 1950 BERLIN2  with STROM
2-8 Feb 1951 ANTWERP  with STROM
22-28 Feb 1952 ANTWERP  with STROM
18-24 May 1952 LONDON  with STROM
3-9 March 1955 PARIS with Sid PATTERSON & Russell MOCKRIDGE
10-16 Feb 1956 ANTWERP with Stan OCKERS & Jean ROTH
16-22 Nov 1956 GENT with Ferdinando TERRUZZI
1-7 March 1957 ANTWERP with TERRUZZI & Willy LAUWERS
29 Oct- 4 Nov 1957 DORTMUND with TERRUZZI
17-23 Nov 1958 GENT with RIK VAN LOOY
26 Nov – 2 Dec 1959 ZURICH2 with Walter BUCHER
20-26 Jan 1961 ESSEN with TERRUZZI
2-8 Feb 1961 MILAN with TERRUZZI
20Results courtesy Bernd Buslapp, http://mitglied.lycos.de/trackandsixdays/8 m